April 23, 2015

Prince William and Kate’s Successful Marriage

I don’t know their entire “celestial story” as Kate’s birth time is not available to the public, but it’s interesting to note that no matter what time she was born, they do not have a painful issue between their charts called, “Obstacles” which is such good news, as this would have made for constant outside interference between them – like other lovers, his family opposing the union, and more.

So that’s why they’ve able to merge their lives and become a full couple despite their young ages, her “non-royal” ancestry, and the attentions of other women I’m sure he’s attracted constantly…

As for why Kate is so impressive, there are many lovely things in her own chart. Most notably she has Venus and Mercury in a sign beside the Sun. This “Solar Yoga” makes Venus and Mercury qualities most noticeable in her, including charm, intelligence, style, poise, diplomacy, humor, and overall likeability…

It’s especially powerful to note that her Venus is retrograde, making it stronger in terms of her natural talents and abilities. Venus is the planet of fashion and style, and young Kate first wowed the prince in a school fashion show.

They’d already been platonic friends for a while, but it was only when William saw her in a slinky, see-through number that it occurred to him he might want her as more than a friend. She’s since been named in numerous “best-dressed lists” all over the world.

I think they’re genuinely in love and well-suited, and I wish them many decades of happiness together!

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Okay – stopping the cheesy puns now, I swear! It must be the sleep deprivation.

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