April 24, 2015

Is Your Love Meant to Be? – How to Tell

Do you ever feel “cursed” in love? Like “the Universe” has a plan for you that, well, sucks?

Maybe you believe that you’re “meant” to be alone forever… Maybe you think that because you feel a strong connection with a man that you’re supposed to be with him… even though he’s a jerk. Perhaps you fear someone you once loved was “the one” and you lost out on what was your destiny… So now you have to reincarnate in some future civilization, in some future body, and hope he’s there, too.

Great women have this misguided spiritual understanding all the time and it’s such a shame. Because when you think this way you’ll put up with less than you should or you’ll make little or no effort to have what you want.

Take my client Lisa. For years she’s been seeing a guy “on and off.” They’re madly in love. He “feels” like her guy. There’s just one little problem…

He’s cheated on her many times. She finds out, they break up, he crawls back and says all the right things… and the cycle starts all over again.

Lisa’s making a classic mistake. She’s trusting her feelings more than whather guy is doing.

When I learned about relationships by looking to the stars, the first thing I was taught was how to tell if both people could “do” relationships in the first place. Because you can be wildly compatible with a guy who’s not a relationship guy.

Lisa’s guy is, “astrologically afflicted.” This makes a man incapable of being a good partner – with any woman. He can act like he wants a relationship but when you really need him, he’ll always disappoint.

It’s easy, like Lisa, to spend years with a man like this. Please don’t let this happen to you.

According to the very best compatibility technique (from Vedic astrology, the system of India) Lisa and “Mr. Cheater” have amazing connections for attachment and passion, but something else is a problem…

Lisa is “the leader.” When the woman is “the astrological leader” in a relationship, she’ll always want more than her man is giving. Over time she’ll be starved for attention and insecure. And it’s no one’s fault.

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As for that “plan from above,” you’ll know your destiny has arrived when a man is treating you well and you’re blissfully happy. Anything less is not what’s “meant to be”… I promise!

May God and His planets and stars shower you with love,

Carol Allen

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