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Astrology Signs Compatibility

You are either with someone right now or you are not.

If you are not, you have a tremendous opportunity to align yourself to attract the perfect partner.

If you are in a relationship, the wisdom in this book, will give you the insight, strength and power to make that relationship better! (or sometimes decide there is a better one on the horizon)

In either case, you will benefit from what you learn in this book. We use the marriage of Prince William and Kate as an example of why and how their marriage will last. Astrology Signs Compatibility also contains a few “uh oh’s” of celebrity relationships that didn’t work so if you find yourself headed down a similar road, you can spot the danger signs.

Astrology Signs Compatibility: Why Prince William and Kate’s Marriage Will Last is based on Vedic astrologer, Carol Allen’s decades long experience in relationship counseling.

As the world’s most celebrated Vedic astrologer and relationship expert, Carol has encapsulated her decades of experience into this book, Astrology Signs Compatibility.

Using Prince William and Kate as an example, you’ll learn how Vedic astrology can be used not only to understand your partner, but attract the RIGHT one at the RIGHT time.

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