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Love Matches

Why was I attracted to THAT guy?

Do you ever wonder why some guys you can’t get out of your mind and others you can’t remember their name?

You may have a great coffee, date or weekend with a hot guy, but when you get home you sit, think and realize, you feel NOTHING – no spark, no butterflies, no excitement.

He was fun, charming, good looking, successful and he had you laugh…by all appearances, he seemed, well…perfect.

And you’re so disappointed, because you could actually BE HAPPY with this man – FINALLY.

Why isn’t there that other thing…that butterfly, that spark?

Maybe its you, you think.

Frustrated, you reflect, agonize and even keep going out with him to see if you can create the spark that isn’t there. Only sooner (or more likely later) one or both of you figure out that this isn’t “it.”

Then there is scenario “B.”

You’ve met a man who has zip.

He has a crappy job, complains about the weather, is only mildly attractive, is actually rude to you sometimes, has a couple of crazy friends, but when he so much as brushes your knees with his, it’s as if your whole body is hit with an electric current.

And kissing him is heaven – you could make out for hours…

Pretty soon you’re actually falling for the “bad boy.”

Don’t you HATE it when that happens?

What else affects your love chemistry?

How do the stars determine your personal “zing?”


FACT: The position of the planets and stars at the time of your birth.

You know, astrology.

There’s a planet of PASSION and another of SENSUALITY.

There’s a planet of KINKINESS and another of frigidity.

Certain zodiac signs are frisky, while others are conservative.

Celestial forces are massive, in fact, they are incomprehensible. But they exist. The tides of the ocean are created by one of the smallest heavenly bodies in our solar system. The other planets and stars have 1000x more power on not only our solar system, but your DNA and personal energy.

How these forces interact between you and a man’s determine the indescribably chemistry of attraction and repulsion. These forces have nothing to do with his barber or his friends but have everything to do with how you feel about him.

It is the interaction and timing of the planets and stars that explain why you want to rip off his clothes or rip out his hair.

And PLEASE don’t give it another thought if a man ever says, “I’m just not feeling it for you.”

It’s NOT because of your hair, or your clothes, or your anything…

It’s simply not written in the stars.

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How to Lose a Guy in 10 Seconds

There is a sad, but all-too common, story. My dear friend, Tracy met a guy, Tom, who, by all appearances, was her knight in shining armor. Tom was kind, strong, funny and very helpful (he even helped her with her taxes!…Yowza!)

Her romance and relationship were progressing so nicely. They laughed, they enjoyed the same activities like comedy clubs and hiking. More importantly, he seemed interested in increasing the intimacy of their relationship. One clear “sign” Tom made was when he invited her to a family gathering with his siblings and his MOTHER in the first few weeks!

It takes a lot to shock me, but I was very surprised to hear that they broke up just a few days later.

What happened?

What went wrong?

Who screwed this up?

As the pieces of the puzzle fell into place, the undertones of the relationship became glaringly clear. Tom’s business did take him out of town and when he came back, his mom and the “boys” took a priority. Time with her was squeezed in AFTER he set up time with his friends and family.

At first this wasn’t so bad, but as their relationship deepened, Tracy felt that Tom’s priorities to spend time together fell a distant second or third behind Mommy and his bro’s.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was when Tom called her a few days ago, shared the details of his harmless, but fantastic times he had with his friends.

She was pissed.

The next day she marched straight over to his house and said THE ONE THING you must NEVER say to a man unless you want him to be out of your life FOREVER…

Tracy coldly stated, “I think maybe we should break up.”

Say What You Mean

Now, Tracy didn’t want to break up with Tom; she was heated, angry and quite frankly confused.

Her intent on making that statement was to get him to react. Her intended reaction she wanted from Tom was to say, “Darling, whatever do you mean? Don’t you know that I love you?!”

She jumped the gun, spoke from a place of poor coping skills. In other words, instead of asking questions and sharing her feelings in a non-emotional manner, she forced an issue and reacted.

Tom asked, “Why?”

Tracy went on (rather feverishly) that she thinks she should be a priority. She stated that spending time with her should be placed before spending time with his friends.

What do you think Tom replied?

Did he say, “Oh sure, honey. You’re right. I’ll change my entire lifestyle and 20 years of friendship.” Or did he say, “Well, you know, my friend Bill’s going through a divorce and I hope you’d understand that he needs me right now.”

No. He read between the lines, took about 2 seconds and said, “I think you’re right. We should break up.”

And that was it.  No more help with taxes.  No more alone time.

Tracy’s situation was salvageable. Her knight most likely would be there today, loving her, laughing with her and building a future with her. Instead, Tracy’s starting over.

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Stay tuned to find out the MEANING behind our words and how to discuss challenging topics from a man’s perspective.

Is Your Love Meant to Be? – How to Tell

Do you ever feel “cursed” in love? Like “the Universe” has a plan for you that, well, sucks?

Maybe you believe that you’re “meant” to be alone forever… Maybe you think that because you feel a strong connection with a man that you’re supposed to be with him… even though he’s a jerk. Perhaps you fear someone you once loved was “the one” and you lost out on what was your destiny… So now you have to reincarnate in some future civilization, in some future body, and hope he’s there, too.

Great women have this misguided spiritual understanding all the time and it’s such a shame. Because when you think this way you’ll put up with less than you should or you’ll make little or no effort to have what you want.

Take my client Lisa. For years she’s been seeing a guy “on and off.” They’re madly in love. He “feels” like her guy. There’s just one little problem…

He’s cheated on her many times. She finds out, they break up, he crawls back and says all the right things… and the cycle starts all over again.

Lisa’s making a classic mistake. She’s trusting her feelings more than whather guy is doing.

When I learned about relationships by looking to the stars, the first thing I was taught was how to tell if both people could “do” relationships in the first place. Because you can be wildly compatible with a guy who’s not a relationship guy.

Lisa’s guy is, “astrologically afflicted.” This makes a man incapable of being a good partner – with any woman. He can act like he wants a relationship but when you really need him, he’ll always disappoint.

It’s easy, like Lisa, to spend years with a man like this. Please don’t let this happen to you.

According to the very best compatibility technique (from Vedic astrology, the system of India) Lisa and “Mr. Cheater” have amazing connections for attachment and passion, but something else is a problem…

Lisa is “the leader.” When the woman is “the astrological leader” in a relationship, she’ll always want more than her man is giving. Over time she’ll be starved for attention and insecure. And it’s no one’s fault.

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As for that “plan from above,” you’ll know your destiny has arrived when a man is treating you well and you’re blissfully happy. Anything less is not what’s “meant to be”… I promise!

May God and His planets and stars shower you with love,

Carol Allen

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Prince William and Kate’s Successful Marriage

I don’t know their entire “celestial story” as Kate’s birth time is not available to the public, but it’s interesting to note that no matter what time she was born, they do not have a painful issue between their charts called, “Obstacles” which is such good news, as this would have made for constant outside interference between them – like other lovers, his family opposing the union, and more.

So that’s why they’ve able to merge their lives and become a full couple despite their young ages, her “non-royal” ancestry, and the attentions of other women I’m sure he’s attracted constantly…

As for why Kate is so impressive, there are many lovely things in her own chart. Most notably she has Venus and Mercury in a sign beside the Sun. This “Solar Yoga” makes Venus and Mercury qualities most noticeable in her, including charm, intelligence, style, poise, diplomacy, humor, and overall likeability…

It’s especially powerful to note that her Venus is retrograde, making it stronger in terms of her natural talents and abilities. Venus is the planet of fashion and style, and young Kate first wowed the prince in a school fashion show.

They’d already been platonic friends for a while, but it was only when William saw her in a slinky, see-through number that it occurred to him he might want her as more than a friend. She’s since been named in numerous “best-dressed lists” all over the world.

I think they’re genuinely in love and well-suited, and I wish them many decades of happiness together!

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Learn the truth at last, and what to do about it all. Find out if the man (or men!) in your life can make you feel as pleased as a princess, or if he’ll just be a royal pain.

Okay – stopping the cheesy puns now, I swear! It must be the sleep deprivation.

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